Friday, 7 August 2009


Well life does go up and down doesnt it!!
Two of my friends are laid up with bad backs - one is supposed to be going away tomorrow! I hope she can make it. Both are suffering bless them, so difficult in the holidays with the chilren home.
Another family I know have just lost their mum:@( very sad as I had just got back in touch via facebook and did not realise she was so poorly.
My foot has swollen up and tonight looks like a elephants foot! cant quite see my toes properly!
I dropped and broke my Laptop...

But on the up I made 50 quid on my house insurance renewal and saved 40 quid a month on it -
I managed to get the handles I wanted for the bathroom
I have finally managed to get my weight to stablise, my nurse was so pleased with me. She was adamant I didnt fuss about loosing it and cut out too much but to concentrate on getting it stable, which I have now managed for 3 months. An achievement indeed when it was piling on so fast.
Now on her advice I am not dieting but simply thinking about what I eat before I eat it, cutting down on my portion size at tea time and only having 2-3 units of booze a week.
I also have to try and eat a bit more veg, I do eat it but some days only manage 2 of my 5 a day.
And then a little exercise, this is difficult for me but Ill try and do what she asked.
So not really massive changes but achieveable for the next three months till my next visit to my loverly nurse.

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  1. Good girl xxx You have been a fab support to me of late hun and a better mate I couldn't wish for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx