Thursday, 5 August 2010

Busy Busy Holidays

We have not stopped so far this holidays, I am exhausted! We have shopped, picniced, park walked, boated,wall climbed (well just the kids lol) partied and cleaned! Not to mention the kids having various sleep outs/overs and numerous walks along the prom.

Sadly I am starting to suffer, my foot is a tad sore and numb at the same time, I keep stumbling! My knee is playing up and my arms and hands are really very painful. Im keeping going as much as I can but I am really very glad the kids are away this weekend so I can recover!! They are worth every ache and pain though :)

Monday, 26 July 2010


I love having my hair done, but after a few really crap cuts I am always stressed at the thought. My usual place has changed hands and as I thought it was expensive anyway have decided to try another. I had 2 friends use a salon up the road so thought I would give it a go. It was 36 quid cheaper for a cut and colour!! I was a bit dubious and wasnt sure what to have done but after chatting with the hairdresser I just let her get on with it!!
It was the right choice as its the best colour I have ever had I am really pleased with it. The cut was really just shaping what I have and it looks fab. As usual the young recently qualified hairdressers prove me right when I say they are better than the older more experienced ones at knowing the right way to go with my hair.

I liked it there so much Jakes first ever salon cut is happening today!!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Time to face facts!!

I had lulled myself into a false sense of health and well being, I do it every summer cos the sun always makes me feel the pain less and for a while I can do more. Shopping and even a night out or 2! But after a week of denial I am back in a right nasty flare up.
My tendons in my feet have slipped or what ever they do, I can't bend them properly and they are very sore and swollen. My right hand fingers are very stiff and 2 are numb.My left hand and both wrists are a little stuff, ache and are a bit swollen. My arms feel like they have been repeatedly punched and even 2 finger typing is painful. My thighs are burning and walking is staggery and slow. And its only going to get worse!!!

Its going to be a very long week!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Walking the line....

There is a fine line between where you need to intervene as a parent and where you need to just let a child learn for themselves. I am really struggling with this at the moment with my eldest. At 13 he needs and deserves to be treated almost as an adult with responsibilities and expectations. Yet I am frequently finding that he needs me more than ever to support him.
He recently made the decision not to visit his fathers house anymore, he still sees his dad but obviously only for a short period of time. This whilst being a very grown up thing to do, taking control of a situation he didn't like and asserting himself enough to make it understood how he feels is a tremendously difficult thing to do even as an adult at times, let alone as a rather insecure 13yr old with trust issues.
Since then he has in part blossomed with confidence due in no small part to new friendship he has made with a really kind and understanding boy in his year. But in the same vain his self confidence is falling again, he doubts himself when he has to rely on himself and consequently he is becoming a little clingy.
Its fine though, I dont mind supporting him at all, I love his company~ the issue is now he is half way to France and because he has no friends with him he is texting me wanting to come home. He wishes he hadn't gone and really I cant blame him. Ive text him back, told him to chill and put the mp3 player on and just shut his eyes. I know he will love where he is going so am hoping if he can get through the coach journey he will pick up when there and be more positive about coming back. Its no fun being alone in a crowd of people you sort of know is it.

Now I am kicking myself for not contacting the teacher and explaining his problems but the school is fully aware and really it should be down to them to ensure all teachers are aware of any individual needs isn't it. All i can do now is be there when he comes home and give him a big cuddle! I hope this doesn't put him back and makes him feel proud of the achievement of getting through an awkward situation

Monday, 5 July 2010


Why is it every man I meet that is either a potential friend or partner is a possesive idiot? Really clingy and attention seeking.... what have I got to do to meet a man (other than my BFF Daz) who can

A. Trust me
B. Not smother me
C. Let me be me and not have to conform to what they want me to be
D. Not expect me to jump when they ask me out/to do what they want

Really? Is that so much to ask for or am I totally unrealistic? I just dont know anymore, maybe I am just to used to being me and the kids to even want a man....

The single life for me it is!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

busy week ahead

Got a lot on this week coming so I probably should have had a quiet weekend...well for the most part it was really. I spent all day saturday getting ready for that nights hen night and most of today recovering !!

Anyway I am trying to organise myself so make sure I get everything done and to everywhere I need to be. I could do with a desk really I think i may have to put one in my bedroom and then maybe I will know where all my paperwork is and have a calender etc etc ... I think that might be the next project then! After digging in the pond of course!! I cant wait to get some froggys in my pond whooopity whooop *jives*

Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh what a surprise!

Yes of course I plan to go out for drinkies and I get poorly!! Shock horror! *sigh* My tummy is making gurgles louder than the telly box and I think it may explode soon!! EEEk LOL Never mind if I have to be the sober one so be it, out I am a going tomorrow !!


Went into town this morning and met friends for a Costa and a chocolate twist mmmmm I did a bit of shopping whilst I was there and got some bits for Christmas (yeah I know .... bit if I dont start now I never get it done) and a lil pressie for Georgias friend Emily ..... Just Cos :@)

I picked up a couple of things in Wilkinson and stocked up on toothpaste .... 5 tubes LOL but they are only 98p for the one Jake likes that is usually £3.00 so I am happy (small things lol)

Just off to school to help with a little table sale, the children have made things to sell ~ should be fun!

Hen night tomorrow night whooop, I cant wait its been a year since I went out for a drinkie, i will probably be drunk after the first drink! he he

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Its been a while

Well its been a while since I blogged, lots has happened.................. My son no longer goes to his dads at weekends huuuuuuuge drama there!
My final divorce application has gone to court to the absolute should finally be through in a mater of weeks!! whoooooooooooooooop! I really cannot wait to be officially really me again! I still get pitying looks about being single but I have come to the conclusion that they just (like I used to) cannot imagine how being single works when you have children etc but to be honest I LOVE IT!! I have never been so content in myself. Sure id like some sex but really being single is the best thing for me. I finally have the time to be the sort of mum I really want to be, can do all the things the kids want to (within budget constraints of course) and still have enough time to be me and have some fun too. Dunno if i would have time for a man right now even if I wanted one!! LOL