Friday, 2 July 2010


Went into town this morning and met friends for a Costa and a chocolate twist mmmmm I did a bit of shopping whilst I was there and got some bits for Christmas (yeah I know .... bit if I dont start now I never get it done) and a lil pressie for Georgias friend Emily ..... Just Cos :@)

I picked up a couple of things in Wilkinson and stocked up on toothpaste .... 5 tubes LOL but they are only 98p for the one Jake likes that is usually £3.00 so I am happy (small things lol)

Just off to school to help with a little table sale, the children have made things to sell ~ should be fun!

Hen night tomorrow night whooop, I cant wait its been a year since I went out for a drinkie, i will probably be drunk after the first drink! he he

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