Monday, 27 April 2009

happy but guilty!!

Georgia got in to the school she chose, I am very pleased it seems well organised and she was extremely relaxed and happy on our visit. A big difference to visiting another school, which was actually our catchment school.
But as with all ups there is a down, a few of her very good friends will not be going to the same school. So after 4 of her 7 years with these friends at nursery and school she will have to say goodbye. "Its ok mummy" she tells me " I know where Em lives I can go and see her when I want" cant argue with that logic but I know she will miss Em in particular. She was adamant where she wanted to go though, it was in the end her choice. Dont stop me feeling guilty though!! I made a bad choice for jake when it came to moving on from infants so hopefully by it being her choice she will feel better about it and make the effort to fit in and do well.

Fingers crossed if you can cross 'em

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sunshine and Aunt Win

<--- My lovely Great Aunt

Lovely few days we have had in Sunny Bognor :@) helps lift my miserable mood. Been in a fair bit of pain this past week. Mind I have swollen arms so at least it can be seen rather than considered to be in my head. They found my brain in my scan and not to surprisingly no nastyness. So no more tests for me, I refuse , they can go jump. I will not be poked and jabbed with needles on maybes or vague possibilities anymore.
had a nice day though, caught up with my friend who has also had a poorly week. We had soup and trifle for lunch, loverly.
After scool I took the children to my aunts, we always have a laugh there, for 92 years old my aunt has lost none of her sense of humour its great. She had made cake and prepared cheese and bread for the kids. I made us coffee and we watched countdown. A little ritual is Jake going on the mobility scooter with Win whilst Georgia runs on the running machine out on the landing thing. georgia had taken her baby doll today so guess who had a go on the running machine and got propelled off LMAO funny kids they are.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

MMMM the bread machine smells lovely

Am still uber tired today, arms are a tad swollen for some reason! but I managed to put flour and stuff in the bread machine and its aroma is now filling the house. MMMMMMM.

Cant decide if I should bother with Tesco for the few bits I need or pay a bit more at the Co Op - its always a tough call. I expect it will be the Co Op cos im very CBA today lol. Still no results from my MRI, thought I might have heard by now, will maybe phone up tomorrow and see if I can chase it. i am past worrying if it is good or bad just wanna know.

Am loving the new off road buggys for the disabled!! super idea, I can just see my aunt racing at goodwood lol

Monday, 20 April 2009

Quick Update

The lovely Dr B has referred me to a CFS clinic :@) and he has given me more appropriate painkillers to enable me to drive. Finally some one who gives a stuff and actually listens to his patient.

Tired of being tired

CFS sucks! I have been so very tired this past week, yesterday I could barely make conversation - am off to the doctors today as another odd pain has appeared in my thigh, although the neurologist told me I should basically put up and shut up she did say I should go back to the GP if anything else happened. I am starting to feel like an episode of house!
But either way some one has to take responsibility and get me referred to the CFS clinic - enough is enough.
Started filling in the DLA form OMG! lol thankfully M helped. I was marginally relieved when found what I was a second form was in fact a how to fill in the form thing *phew* Not that I am expecting to get anything considering my two good friends who have been turned down for it recently.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Turning chilly brrrrrrrrr

Its so cold today! We went swimming with friends today and poor georgie went blue again!! Mind we were all shivering when we left the pool its was soooooooooo cold!
Back at our friends place we had a lovely lunch and the kids played nicely till I managed to finally drag them out just before 4pm!
yesterday was good fun too we ventured into the book exchange and got rid of lots of book for some new ones, had a maccy D for lunch and played on the 2p machines in the pier. We had bags of pennys but the machine kept throwing pennies at us, pretty violently (2ps sting bare feet lol) we all had managed to win a key ring except georgia so we kept feeding this one machine to get her the 7 ball keyring she wanted - we cheered when it eventually fell out! honestly it took ages!
We were all exhausted and very glad to stop at a cafe to have a cuppa :@) harrah for decent coffee.

Im so glad they are going back to school on Monday - i have really enjoyed having them home but i am utterly shattered!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Busy few days

Well my Brother in law and his wife did come and we had a lovely time as I expected, its looking good for them moving here - Jake is over the moon! They even ate my home made bread - now thats impressive! lol actually it wasnt a bad loaf just very thick slices.
Yesterday we didnt seem to stop though we did manage to visit the LOU-NATIC asylum, Georgia being small for her age benefits from peoples generosity so we had a lovely bag of clothes to collect (thanks ever so Lou!) being as clothes mad as Georgia is she was straight in the bag nosing and pulled out clothes for today and bed clothes - only she didnt try the bedclothes on and the trousers fell down when she stood up LOL poor half starved child that she is. She looks super in her *parisien* outfit of choice though.
Today we childminded/baby sat my other halfs children so I had a 12 yr old and 8 yr old a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old!!lovely. We made chocolate crispy cakes, decorated plates,went to the park and into Whiteley for a drink at the coffee shop. Then back to his house for lunch and chilled out till their mum collected them. Then I took my two home vis tesco in Chi for petrol. I bumped into an old friend there and we swaped numbers.
When we got home I was beyond tired so we went to *The Hut* for the happy hour and had 3 dinners,2 garlic breads and three drinks for 10.99 bargin huh!
Tomorrow we are out with my mum - fingers crossed it stays dry

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Visitors tomorrow

My brother in law and his lovely wife are coming over for lunch tomorrow. This is really exciting for us as they may be moving very close to us. We had not seen each other before my ex left so practically 3 years when we bumped in to each other in tesco. I invited them round or offered to bring the children round. They ended up coming to out house for a few hours and it was just like we were old friends with out such a long gap in contact.
Jake and Georgia are so excited at the thought of them moving close and the idea that jake can have a close relationship with his uncle is a wonderful one. He misses his dad dreadfully and to be able to seek solace and play computers with his uncle and any thing else they might get up to means a lot to me.
It also means a lot that they want to be involved with us, I have lost so many friends since the ex left - I am going to do everything I can to maintain our friendship, I really feel its a blessing.

Have made fresh bread for lunch :@)

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Painfully clumsy

Ive always been a clumsy mare even as a child, my dad used to swear I was mildly dispraxic. Since being ill it has gotten worse add that to my useless painful hands and im left with 4 new bruises today and typing with 3 fingers lol. I am supposed to take painkillers when my hands hurt but have discovered that I dont need to with a glass of wine :@) they still hurt I just dont care as much.
This morning I tried to walk to the bathroom misjudged swinging my leg over the basketball that had appeared there since my last visit and caught my shin on the door frame! ouch.
Cant type anymore hands just wont work tonight.

Night all - Happy Easter

Peace rules ok

My son begged me to have his cousin over so I thought Friday would be the best idea with all the hospital appointments this week. I was expecting chaos but I have hardly heard a peep since he arrived. In fact I started getting bored with no one around!
I am now sat on my sofa having had coffee made for me and the boys having sorted out their own breakfast feeling redundant! Its great! Peace rules ok!

It will kick off when I take him home though .....

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Is it ok to hate some one?

I have never really liked the word *hate* it is used to flippantly so often but I am starting to really wonder if I hate this one woman. She is so false its untrue, she knows thatI know what she says behind peoples backs so treats me with contempt. Who knows maybe I deserve it, I do find it hard to be nice to her and have said some less than nice things about her. But she seems to think it is ok to say what ever she likes to me/about me and I have really had enough. I do not expect anyone to like me, we cannot get on with everyone but I do demand civility. Bad enough she digs at me but to involve some one who professed to be my friend so blatantly in front of others to belittle me is really unforgivable. Sadly that so called friend of mine is a little gullible and probably totally believes this womans false front now. If only she realy knew what goes on behind closed doors.

How do I know for sure what she says? have heard her myself when she thinks I cannot hear.

Maybe I should give her what she wants and walk away. Yes thats giving in, but maybe sometimes we just should

Back to hospital

Had some electrode testing at hospital today, was painful at times but funny watching my limbs leap about! He said straight away he could find no electrical reasons for the problems I have in my hands and feet so thats good news. No op needed on my hands which mean no time off driving. Its a relief to know I can ferry kids to their various places as and when I need too. :@)

Have done the shopping for the weekend, I forgot its Good Friday tomorrow! Thankfully M had come over last night so he could drive me too and fro this morning and he reminded me ! I did forget wine though so will have to nip to CoOp in a bit!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Mum came to babysit so I could go off to have the MRI. It was so quiet and empty when I got there very unlike the hospital normally. My appointment was for 7.15 pm so the only noises came from a&e as I walked through to the scanning area.
Having had an MRI before I knew I was going to panic a little on going in so I tried to stay as calm as I could by reading of all things a magazine for the over 50's! Thrilling it was!
I was met by a lovely man who was very reassuring and an equally kind *insert techy name for MRI operator lady* who both made every effort to keep me relaxed as the cage was put round my head. I am ashamed to not remember either of their names as they were so kind, the gentleman even held my hand as I went into the scanner.
I did begin to panic a bit, but I focused on the music they were playing into the headphones I was wearing and kept my eyes shut. I was genuinely scared for no real reason other than being locked totally still by the cage and there being little air movement round me so it felt pretty claustrophobic.
It was ok though, I coped, however I was very relieved to come out! I felt light headed for a while and struggled to focus for about half an hour. Bit dodgy as I had to drive! But I had the scan for a reason and hopefully it will give an answer to the problem of the neuropathy. Fingers crossed if you can cross em!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bookshop and sneezes

I had promised Georgia a trip to the book shop today so off we trotted into Chichester to find a winnie the witch book. We could only find one and she didnt quite fancy the story and found 2 animal books instead. Some how a trip to get one book turned in to 2 books, an apple pie and fetching a newspaper for Granddad.

We came home and I had to clean the dog cage, the plastic base has split badly so I fought with it to get it out of the little door. I needed 2 pairs of hands really one pair to do the cage the other to deal with the sneezes doing so brought about!! half way through I got a call to invite me for the MRI scan I need tomorrow night at 7.30. Weird time but I was not going to argue, at least by then it should be quiet and quick!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Thank heaven for good neighbours and plumbase

Well I have a new loo! my lovely neighbour who just happens to be between jobs came with me to plumbase and helped me get what was needed to replace my broken loo. This man is so calm its unbelievable, whilst fitting the loo he realised (on flushing and water gushing everywhere) that a seal bit needed replacing! My ex would have been having a blue fit but this man, noooooo.... he just stood there and said I think we need *insert technical term for plastic ring thing* as the water filled his shoes! amazing!
So off we trot to get said thing and something else equally oddly named and hey presto my loo is fitted and water tight ... gotta love that man!!! I splashed out on a new seat for the sparkly new loo .... its all so posh and I am way too excited about it !! Sad I know but every time something is done like that since I have been single is such a personal achievement. Hard to explain- but its good to know things can be done about the house without full scale rows for no reason other than to make me feel inadequate because I dont know how to fix/make/repair the whatever.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Crack Pot Weekend

Having dropped the children with granddad and placed my loosing bets on the National I returned home to wait for my man *M* to arrive, I was doing my usual clean up that Saturdays seem to bring and I notice there is a lovely long crack in the toilet pan! Bugger! Didnt think at first there was much of a worry it seems sturdy ... till *M* arrived and told about his parents loo doing the same and flooding the house! again Bugger!
We decided to pop to homebase for the 15% off day and managed to spend an hour wandering around - the price of the loos are terrifying in there! Please let plumbase be cheaper! I did get some seed potatos for my garden veg drive though and some new kitchen scales to make my bread with, the wobbly ones I got for 2.99 from Argos as a wedding gift in '98 really were too hit and miss for acurate bread making!
Sunday dawns with the F1 motor race, we managed to drag ourselves out of bed to watch and I sat in me nightie till half ten to watch it get rained off! typical! There was some cracking over taking and cat and mouse games in and out of the turns, love that kind of driving - even better Ferrari made 2 massive cockups over the weekend, the invincible are a little vulnerable this season, make for far better viewing, for me it does any way!
I managed to arrange with Granddad to keep the children till Tuesday morning so tomorrow will be toilet day....whooot I cant wait! NOT.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

National Day

I have very vivid memory's of betting on the national with my nan and aunt Win, Id be laying on the green carpeted floor looking over the newspaper with all the horses names and jockeys on it. Of course it meant nothing to me and I would just pick a name for the sake of it - usually with some theory or other about it being connected with something so was just meant to be!
So after dropping the children at their grandads I decided to stop at the Bookies and have a bet. Aunt Win has this theory about Jockeys wearing green so I had to have one all in green. I decided after much umming and arrrhhhing to bet on 3 horses! betting a whole £3 in total. If the green one wins I might split the winnings with Win.... but then I might not! LOL

Friday, 3 April 2009

Is swimming really good for me???

I have been going swimming with some friends to try and get fitter over the last couple of months, its good exercise for me as I have brittle asthma and its less stressful on my lungs that walking or running.
My Dr assures me it will be doing me good, so why am I so cold afterwards? I have been home for an hour, had a good healthy lunch of tomatoes on toast but Im sat here shivering!! I know its not the warmest of days but its really not that cold!! I have a vest a t shirt and a big jumper on and im still cold! Weird! well that me all over!

On a happier subject the kids break up from school today and I am really looking forward to having them about for a couple of weeks. We are going to do some gardening and get the veggies going ... yum!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Special Times

I have been very privileged to be involved in the first three years of both my children s education, I gave birth to Georgia the week after Jake started his infant school. The then head who has now sadly died asked me to be a school governor so Georgia and I became part of the furniture, she came to meetings, fundraisers and any other little thing I was asked to support.
Consequently on starting school there she fitted right in and was so at home that the hardest thing for her was to remember to use teachers surnames rather than first names!
She is coming to the end of her three years there and as I did with Jake I have made every attempt to attend school trips and special assembly's. Today we walked to the local church and the head gave assembly in the church( as it was the Easter assembly) I walked with them and was pleased to see so many other parents as well. Children grow up so quickly and the chance to be part of their formative years in school is a really lovely thing.
We had to sit in the choir stalls as the church was so full! Georgia and her little friend E ( who is actually much taller lol) sat beautifully and helped me with the different words to *he's got the whole world in his hands* We got to decide which sized easter egg we would choose and drooled over the hot cross buns :@) It was a lovely assembly with just enough of the religious side of Easter cleverly wrapped up with the things the kids recognise, chocolate eggs, flowers and hot cross buns

I am so gonna cry when she leaves this school

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Happy with my lot

I have used this title for my Blog because what ever I may moan about or what ever hiccups happen I love my life. I have two fantastic children, a great partner, a lovely family and great friends. Life is a challenge and can be very difficult but what ever it throws at me I get through it with the love and support that is there in abundance. And if all else fails there is always chocolate!!