Sunday, 5 April 2009

Crack Pot Weekend

Having dropped the children with granddad and placed my loosing bets on the National I returned home to wait for my man *M* to arrive, I was doing my usual clean up that Saturdays seem to bring and I notice there is a lovely long crack in the toilet pan! Bugger! Didnt think at first there was much of a worry it seems sturdy ... till *M* arrived and told about his parents loo doing the same and flooding the house! again Bugger!
We decided to pop to homebase for the 15% off day and managed to spend an hour wandering around - the price of the loos are terrifying in there! Please let plumbase be cheaper! I did get some seed potatos for my garden veg drive though and some new kitchen scales to make my bread with, the wobbly ones I got for 2.99 from Argos as a wedding gift in '98 really were too hit and miss for acurate bread making!
Sunday dawns with the F1 motor race, we managed to drag ourselves out of bed to watch and I sat in me nightie till half ten to watch it get rained off! typical! There was some cracking over taking and cat and mouse games in and out of the turns, love that kind of driving - even better Ferrari made 2 massive cockups over the weekend, the invincible are a little vulnerable this season, make for far better viewing, for me it does any way!
I managed to arrange with Granddad to keep the children till Tuesday morning so tomorrow will be toilet day....whooot I cant wait! NOT.

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