Monday, 27 April 2009

happy but guilty!!

Georgia got in to the school she chose, I am very pleased it seems well organised and she was extremely relaxed and happy on our visit. A big difference to visiting another school, which was actually our catchment school.
But as with all ups there is a down, a few of her very good friends will not be going to the same school. So after 4 of her 7 years with these friends at nursery and school she will have to say goodbye. "Its ok mummy" she tells me " I know where Em lives I can go and see her when I want" cant argue with that logic but I know she will miss Em in particular. She was adamant where she wanted to go though, it was in the end her choice. Dont stop me feeling guilty though!! I made a bad choice for jake when it came to moving on from infants so hopefully by it being her choice she will feel better about it and make the effort to fit in and do well.

Fingers crossed if you can cross 'em

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  1. Awwww they will both cope hun, my m aint gonna forget Georgia Harriet Morley in a hurry!!!