Tuesday, 21 April 2009

MMMM the bread machine smells lovely

Am still uber tired today, arms are a tad swollen for some reason! but I managed to put flour and stuff in the bread machine and its aroma is now filling the house. MMMMMMM.

Cant decide if I should bother with Tesco for the few bits I need or pay a bit more at the Co Op - its always a tough call. I expect it will be the Co Op cos im very CBA today lol. Still no results from my MRI, thought I might have heard by now, will maybe phone up tomorrow and see if I can chase it. i am past worrying if it is good or bad just wanna know.

Am loving the new off road buggys for the disabled!! super idea, I can just see my aunt racing at goodwood lol


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  2. I can guess what C B A stands for LOL!!!

  3. LOL thats exactly what it means