Thursday, 2 April 2009

Special Times

I have been very privileged to be involved in the first three years of both my children s education, I gave birth to Georgia the week after Jake started his infant school. The then head who has now sadly died asked me to be a school governor so Georgia and I became part of the furniture, she came to meetings, fundraisers and any other little thing I was asked to support.
Consequently on starting school there she fitted right in and was so at home that the hardest thing for her was to remember to use teachers surnames rather than first names!
She is coming to the end of her three years there and as I did with Jake I have made every attempt to attend school trips and special assembly's. Today we walked to the local church and the head gave assembly in the church( as it was the Easter assembly) I walked with them and was pleased to see so many other parents as well. Children grow up so quickly and the chance to be part of their formative years in school is a really lovely thing.
We had to sit in the choir stalls as the church was so full! Georgia and her little friend E ( who is actually much taller lol) sat beautifully and helped me with the different words to *he's got the whole world in his hands* We got to decide which sized easter egg we would choose and drooled over the hot cross buns :@) It was a lovely assembly with just enough of the religious side of Easter cleverly wrapped up with the things the kids recognise, chocolate eggs, flowers and hot cross buns

I am so gonna cry when she leaves this school


  1. I know how you feel sarah, we are all gonna blub. Glad Emily and georgia were able to help you get the words right so you didn't embarass yourself!! Wish I could have gone but I had a flippin blood test ;0(