Friday, 17 April 2009

Turning chilly brrrrrrrrr

Its so cold today! We went swimming with friends today and poor georgie went blue again!! Mind we were all shivering when we left the pool its was soooooooooo cold!
Back at our friends place we had a lovely lunch and the kids played nicely till I managed to finally drag them out just before 4pm!
yesterday was good fun too we ventured into the book exchange and got rid of lots of book for some new ones, had a maccy D for lunch and played on the 2p machines in the pier. We had bags of pennys but the machine kept throwing pennies at us, pretty violently (2ps sting bare feet lol) we all had managed to win a key ring except georgia so we kept feeding this one machine to get her the 7 ball keyring she wanted - we cheered when it eventually fell out! honestly it took ages!
We were all exhausted and very glad to stop at a cafe to have a cuppa :@) harrah for decent coffee.

Im so glad they are going back to school on Monday - i have really enjoyed having them home but i am utterly shattered!

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  1. I know the utterly shattered feeling hun, have had so many kids round it's been like picadilly circus!!! Roll on Monday!!