Thursday, 9 April 2009

Is it ok to hate some one?

I have never really liked the word *hate* it is used to flippantly so often but I am starting to really wonder if I hate this one woman. She is so false its untrue, she knows thatI know what she says behind peoples backs so treats me with contempt. Who knows maybe I deserve it, I do find it hard to be nice to her and have said some less than nice things about her. But she seems to think it is ok to say what ever she likes to me/about me and I have really had enough. I do not expect anyone to like me, we cannot get on with everyone but I do demand civility. Bad enough she digs at me but to involve some one who professed to be my friend so blatantly in front of others to belittle me is really unforgivable. Sadly that so called friend of mine is a little gullible and probably totally believes this womans false front now. If only she realy knew what goes on behind closed doors.

How do I know for sure what she says? have heard her myself when she thinks I cannot hear.

Maybe I should give her what she wants and walk away. Yes thats giving in, but maybe sometimes we just should


  1. I hate bullies hun and I think you should stand up for what you believe in...... you have always been a straight talker and that is what I probably admire the most about you hun, that and your ability to put everyone elses troubles on your shoulders xxx Have faith in yourslf, let these silly people get on with their crap and rise above it if you can. If not... tell the stupid woman what you really think, as loudly as you can xx Hugs xxxxx

  2. Its a toughy really, it is just one of those situations where rocking the boat could be really awful .... it will work out usually does