Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bookshop and sneezes

I had promised Georgia a trip to the book shop today so off we trotted into Chichester to find a winnie the witch book. We could only find one and she didnt quite fancy the story and found 2 animal books instead. Some how a trip to get one book turned in to 2 books, an apple pie and fetching a newspaper for Granddad.

We came home and I had to clean the dog cage, the plastic base has split badly so I fought with it to get it out of the little door. I needed 2 pairs of hands really one pair to do the cage the other to deal with the sneezes doing so brought about!! half way through I got a call to invite me for the MRI scan I need tomorrow night at 7.30. Weird time but I was not going to argue, at least by then it should be quiet and quick!

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  1. Oh hun..... at least your Georgie loves her reading, one of the best skills in life I think x She was always a pleasure to listen to I must admit, lovely expression x