Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Busy few days

Well my Brother in law and his wife did come and we had a lovely time as I expected, its looking good for them moving here - Jake is over the moon! They even ate my home made bread - now thats impressive! lol actually it wasnt a bad loaf just very thick slices.
Yesterday we didnt seem to stop though we did manage to visit the LOU-NATIC asylum, Georgia being small for her age benefits from peoples generosity so we had a lovely bag of clothes to collect (thanks ever so Lou!) being as clothes mad as Georgia is she was straight in the bag nosing and pulled out clothes for today and bed clothes - only she didnt try the bedclothes on and the trousers fell down when she stood up LOL poor half starved child that she is. She looks super in her *parisien* outfit of choice though.
Today we childminded/baby sat my other halfs children so I had a 12 yr old and 8 yr old a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old!!lovely. We made chocolate crispy cakes, decorated plates,went to the park and into Whiteley for a drink at the coffee shop. Then back to his house for lunch and chilled out till their mum collected them. Then I took my two home vis tesco in Chi for petrol. I bumped into an old friend there and we swaped numbers.
When we got home I was beyond tired so we went to *The Hut* for the happy hour and had 3 dinners,2 garlic breads and three drinks for 10.99 bargin huh!
Tomorrow we are out with my mum - fingers crossed it stays dry

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  1. Glad (some) of the clothes fitted!!! Glad they didn't get shoved in a bin anyway!!!