Monday, 20 April 2009

Tired of being tired

CFS sucks! I have been so very tired this past week, yesterday I could barely make conversation - am off to the doctors today as another odd pain has appeared in my thigh, although the neurologist told me I should basically put up and shut up she did say I should go back to the GP if anything else happened. I am starting to feel like an episode of house!
But either way some one has to take responsibility and get me referred to the CFS clinic - enough is enough.
Started filling in the DLA form OMG! lol thankfully M helped. I was marginally relieved when found what I was a second form was in fact a how to fill in the form thing *phew* Not that I am expecting to get anything considering my two good friends who have been turned down for it recently.

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  1. Told you the DLA form was a complete nightmare. Glad M helped you hun x Hope you have success with it!