Sunday, 12 April 2009

Visitors tomorrow

My brother in law and his lovely wife are coming over for lunch tomorrow. This is really exciting for us as they may be moving very close to us. We had not seen each other before my ex left so practically 3 years when we bumped in to each other in tesco. I invited them round or offered to bring the children round. They ended up coming to out house for a few hours and it was just like we were old friends with out such a long gap in contact.
Jake and Georgia are so excited at the thought of them moving close and the idea that jake can have a close relationship with his uncle is a wonderful one. He misses his dad dreadfully and to be able to seek solace and play computers with his uncle and any thing else they might get up to means a lot to me.
It also means a lot that they want to be involved with us, I have lost so many friends since the ex left - I am going to do everything I can to maintain our friendship, I really feel its a blessing.

Have made fresh bread for lunch :@)

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  1. Keeping everything crossed that this works out the way you all want it to hun x