Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Mum came to babysit so I could go off to have the MRI. It was so quiet and empty when I got there very unlike the hospital normally. My appointment was for 7.15 pm so the only noises came from a&e as I walked through to the scanning area.
Having had an MRI before I knew I was going to panic a little on going in so I tried to stay as calm as I could by reading of all things a magazine for the over 50's! Thrilling it was!
I was met by a lovely man who was very reassuring and an equally kind *insert techy name for MRI operator lady* who both made every effort to keep me relaxed as the cage was put round my head. I am ashamed to not remember either of their names as they were so kind, the gentleman even held my hand as I went into the scanner.
I did begin to panic a bit, but I focused on the music they were playing into the headphones I was wearing and kept my eyes shut. I was genuinely scared for no real reason other than being locked totally still by the cage and there being little air movement round me so it felt pretty claustrophobic.
It was ok though, I coped, however I was very relieved to come out! I felt light headed for a while and struggled to focus for about half an hour. Bit dodgy as I had to drive! But I had the scan for a reason and hopefully it will give an answer to the problem of the neuropathy. Fingers crossed if you can cross em!

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  1. Ady hated his MRI scan he felt so claustrophobic. Hugs and well done for coping xxx