Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sunshine and Aunt Win

<--- My lovely Great Aunt

Lovely few days we have had in Sunny Bognor :@) helps lift my miserable mood. Been in a fair bit of pain this past week. Mind I have swollen arms so at least it can be seen rather than considered to be in my head. They found my brain in my scan and not to surprisingly no nastyness. So no more tests for me, I refuse , they can go jump. I will not be poked and jabbed with needles on maybes or vague possibilities anymore.
had a nice day though, caught up with my friend who has also had a poorly week. We had soup and trifle for lunch, loverly.
After scool I took the children to my aunts, we always have a laugh there, for 92 years old my aunt has lost none of her sense of humour its great. She had made cake and prepared cheese and bread for the kids. I made us coffee and we watched countdown. A little ritual is Jake going on the mobility scooter with Win whilst Georgia runs on the running machine out on the landing thing. georgia had taken her baby doll today so guess who had a go on the running machine and got propelled off LMAO funny kids they are.

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