Friday, 3 April 2009

Is swimming really good for me???

I have been going swimming with some friends to try and get fitter over the last couple of months, its good exercise for me as I have brittle asthma and its less stressful on my lungs that walking or running.
My Dr assures me it will be doing me good, so why am I so cold afterwards? I have been home for an hour, had a good healthy lunch of tomatoes on toast but Im sat here shivering!! I know its not the warmest of days but its really not that cold!! I have a vest a t shirt and a big jumper on and im still cold! Weird! well that me all over!

On a happier subject the kids break up from school today and I am really looking forward to having them about for a couple of weeks. We are going to do some gardening and get the veggies going ... yum!


  1. I always feel cold after swimming, think thats why I am dreading the hydrotherapy...

    It was cold today hun, there was a kind of dampness to the chill too... I have had my heating on all day x

  2. That makes me feel better lou, knowing I am not the only one who feels the cold, I am lead to believe the pool at BWM is nice and warm so dont worry xxx