Monday, 6 April 2009

Thank heaven for good neighbours and plumbase

Well I have a new loo! my lovely neighbour who just happens to be between jobs came with me to plumbase and helped me get what was needed to replace my broken loo. This man is so calm its unbelievable, whilst fitting the loo he realised (on flushing and water gushing everywhere) that a seal bit needed replacing! My ex would have been having a blue fit but this man, noooooo.... he just stood there and said I think we need *insert technical term for plastic ring thing* as the water filled his shoes! amazing!
So off we trot to get said thing and something else equally oddly named and hey presto my loo is fitted and water tight ... gotta love that man!!! I splashed out on a new seat for the sparkly new loo .... its all so posh and I am way too excited about it !! Sad I know but every time something is done like that since I have been single is such a personal achievement. Hard to explain- but its good to know things can be done about the house without full scale rows for no reason other than to make me feel inadequate because I dont know how to fix/make/repair the whatever.

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  1. Fantasitc, thank heavens for good neighbours!!!