Monday, 22 June 2009

My mouse has gone mad!!

It keeps clicking randomly I cant seem to control it!! I think its time for a new one somehow!

I have been tutoring my son at home for a week now, I took him out because the bullying got utterly ridiculous. We have been doing various bits and pieces, nothing to heavy, just to find out what he does and doesn't know. Its been fun and challenging and a nightmare all rolled into one. We have a couple of projects this week, a family tree and Jake is writing an essay for my mum. Throw in a mix of various maths and spelling things, swimming and gardening oh and cooking the week is gonna be full!

I got a lovely card today - a thank you from my mate Lou, thanks hun, it was a lovely gesture :@) I really appreciate it xxxx

Monday, 8 June 2009

Warning: Cricket balls win in a fight !!

I had just sat down with my lunch and taken my first mouthful when the phone rang. I just knew it would be one of the kids!! Sure enough Jake had been hit in the eye with a cricket ball!! oh flip! Apparently schools are not allowed to treat eye injury's so off to A@E we went.
I hate hospitals, in fact I loathe them, but of course I had to make sure my boy was ok. He had to have an X-ray, then there was the suggestion of surgery if it showed the dent was a fracture (panic!) But thank goodness the X-ray was fine so no need for further treatment.

I felt utterly sick waiting for the x-ray results I can tell you, I shall be asking the school why they dont wear helmets. He is ok though apart from a huge shiner :@)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

This is my baby girl when she was about 2 years old, I just love this pic and had to upload it :@)


I got this *gift of Love award* from my friend Lou :@)

Friendship is a wonderful thing and I am lucky to count her as a good one! Lou has had a tough time lately but still has time for coffee and a chat no matter how crap she feels. Thank you for my little award Lou xxx love ya x

Monday, 1 June 2009

Build a bear holiday

Had a mixed week away - typically I got a cold grrrrrrrrrrr - having just gotten over a chest infection and thinking I was gonna be well i got a full on head cold the day the kids and i were going away!! Bloody typical.
The kids were great though and were happy with just scooting around a parking point in the middle of the forest. We discovered a sainsburys and bought some nice grub and a dvd so the kids were set for what was a very wet evening.
Thankfully Thursday was hot and sunny so i dosed myself as much as possible and off to Bournemouth we went - We met my friend Dave (empty belly) whom I have known for many years online - their first encounter with a barmy Oz and they thought he was great. Dave left us after lunch and we went off to the oceanairum on the sea front. I have been loads of times but it still facinates me when turtle feeding time happens - funny huge snappy things they are.
On to the beach for half hour to play in the sand - a novelty for Bognorians lol

We strolled into town - i wanted to take the children to the *build a bear* factory which they both loved. We chose our animals to stuff - me a cat -georgia a bunny - jake a dog - put noises in, stuffed them, gave them a heart and dressed them.
It was expensive but it was a lovely bonding experience and I loved every second of it. We now have a memory we can see and i have already ordered the bears Santa hats and a stocking for the children for christmas!! Soppy mare that I am!! Love my kids me