Monday, 22 June 2009

My mouse has gone mad!!

It keeps clicking randomly I cant seem to control it!! I think its time for a new one somehow!

I have been tutoring my son at home for a week now, I took him out because the bullying got utterly ridiculous. We have been doing various bits and pieces, nothing to heavy, just to find out what he does and doesn't know. Its been fun and challenging and a nightmare all rolled into one. We have a couple of projects this week, a family tree and Jake is writing an essay for my mum. Throw in a mix of various maths and spelling things, swimming and gardening oh and cooking the week is gonna be full!

I got a lovely card today - a thank you from my mate Lou, thanks hun, it was a lovely gesture :@) I really appreciate it xxxx

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  1. Just keep it in ya head you are doing the right thing for Jake, those horrid little swines who hurt him after his concussion should be strung up!

    Glad you like the card hunny xx Big hugs x