Monday, 8 June 2009

Warning: Cricket balls win in a fight !!

I had just sat down with my lunch and taken my first mouthful when the phone rang. I just knew it would be one of the kids!! Sure enough Jake had been hit in the eye with a cricket ball!! oh flip! Apparently schools are not allowed to treat eye injury's so off to A@E we went.
I hate hospitals, in fact I loathe them, but of course I had to make sure my boy was ok. He had to have an X-ray, then there was the suggestion of surgery if it showed the dent was a fracture (panic!) But thank goodness the X-ray was fine so no need for further treatment.

I felt utterly sick waiting for the x-ray results I can tell you, I shall be asking the school why they dont wear helmets. He is ok though apart from a huge shiner :@)

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  1. Glad that Jake is OK hun x It could have been so much worse xx Big hugs to you both x