Sunday, 11 July 2010

Time to face facts!!

I had lulled myself into a false sense of health and well being, I do it every summer cos the sun always makes me feel the pain less and for a while I can do more. Shopping and even a night out or 2! But after a week of denial I am back in a right nasty flare up.
My tendons in my feet have slipped or what ever they do, I can't bend them properly and they are very sore and swollen. My right hand fingers are very stiff and 2 are numb.My left hand and both wrists are a little stuff, ache and are a bit swollen. My arms feel like they have been repeatedly punched and even 2 finger typing is painful. My thighs are burning and walking is staggery and slow. And its only going to get worse!!!

Its going to be a very long week!

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