Saturday, 21 November 2009

Back to Blogging

And so I return to blogging - I stopped because it was too easy to rant about a stupid person and the link being on my facebook was leaving me open to abuse!

Well its been quite a few months I can tell you! Im single again Yippieeeeeeee

I finally got diasnosis and now I am waiting for treatment and fighting for DLA

I won a competiton in a music festival - well not me alone LOL me and 6 others entered the 8 or less catagory and we won after 2 rehearsals and having never sung in that line up before Awsome!!

Jake is fianlly getting help with his school work, am trying to get him back with the support group he had before and He got a 5a in Maths when his target was 4a - thats equally awsome! he got his second 5 in Cookery too .... and he is really ugging like a teen EEEEEEEEkkk

Georgia is very settled at her new school and seems to be doing very well. Phew! she is no longer phased by standing up and speaking infront of people and is happily taking part in assembly now she is no longer in others shadows and is showing what she is made of Go Georgia!!

Money is tight - I have mostly done the Christmas shopping thankfully though i have that nagging feeling I have missed some one important!!!! oooops LOL

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  1. Just wanted to come on here and wish you a very merry christmas and hope that 2010 is a fab year for you xxxxxxxxxxxx